Girl's Talk once again and sistah's... it's time to flaunt our dearly loved accessories. Am not into dresses or shoes that much but bling-blings, I love them! Earrings and bangles the most. Especially those huge ones, whooaaa... my weakness! I have several pairs to mix and match, thanks again to my sponsors. People close to me knows I'll drool over them so most of the time they surprise me with one. It pays to be a good girl don't ya think? LOL!

Anyweiz, here they are... mah favorites! I'll go gaga if one of them gets missing...harhar!

1. a gypsy hoop earrings
2. vintage bangle (mom got it like a decade ago! :D)
3. My all time favorite, an over sized button earrings and bracelet. (I made it myself, yei!)

Thanks Ms. Niko Ganda for this weekly meme! ^_^


Mom of Four said...

All your favorites are pretty nice. I also want to learn how to make my own stuff, maybe someday when my kids are all out of the house, where I can just put down everything and it won't get messed up..

anne said...

i am a good girl too but why I am not receiving any much lol, just kidding I love ure stuff here, they are all so nice btw mine is up I hope u can pay a visit, thanks

Anonymous said...

love your accessories! simply beautiful!

Chie Wilks said...

love 'em all esp. the accessories on the photo number 3

nikogirl said...

oi seriously u go gaga when they seem missing??? naku me too!! hahahh :)

danda ng collectin mo..i love the hoop earrings.. so fashionable noh???

thanks for joining ha.. see u again next thursday fave drinks nman tau!


nuts said...

i like your number 3 accessories here! very fab!

'anniniput' said...

@mom of four- thanks sa comment! it does feel good kpag nkagawa ka ng something with ur hands.. happiness!

ate anne!..- haha! kng di ku tagaan, harbatun man naku mao... lol! thanks sa visit.. :D

ms niko- tenchu! yeah.. naka2wala ng piece of mind pag one of them seems missing... sakit sa heart.. hehe..

yes, count me in next week!

to all... gracias sa comments!

New Tips, Trick, Cheat Games said...

very nice, i like that, realy nice for accesories