Smart vs. Globe

I can no longer count how many times I complained about my internet provider. The previous one I had was Smart broadband and yes, I managed to deal with them for more than 2 years. Their connection wasn't that impressive. When it comes to downloads, I'd say they could have been better. Knowing they're the country's number 1 telecommunications company, I expected much from them. But I found myself complaining and frustrated, wishing that someday a better ISP will come my way.

So imagine my happiness when a friend introduced me a new internet option. She told me that it'll beat Smart's features in so many ways. That it's faster, stronger, and way better among all the other broadband companies. That it's the kind of browsing experience I will definitely enjoy and all. And since am desperate to switch, no thinking twice, I ditch Smart and welcomed GLOBE broadband with open arms.

Now, if only I knew. I should have been more skeptical and considered things carefully. I should have been smarter and stick with SMART. The past 3 months that am using their server has been miserable for me. Thinking about my 1 year contract with them makes me sick and furious! Sure you can't blame me. You know how important it is to have a strong internet connection for our online duties. Our blogs depend on it completely! As much as I would like to blog hop and drop ec's, update and stay active, I can't! Believe me, the moment I click your links, the page doesn't load. Lucky for me if I can visit 10 blogs before I get booted, yes, that's how sick it is! When it comes to speed, downloads, uploads, signal and stability, Globe fall short to their promises.

Grrooowwwllll!!!!!!!!! That's it... I've said my piece!