The hunt for a toothbrush holder

Last month, my cousin and I went for a trip that lasted for 10 days, yes. Quite long for something not as fun as vacation. So anyway, we promised ourselves not to spend anything for shopping, which is quite impossible if you’re with your cousin/crazy friend. Just this thing though, the cousin where looking for a certain bath accessories which she saw online, fell in love, and crosses fingers to find it in the mall. So we went hunting for ‘engine turned pewter toothbrush holder,’ as the name suggest, it’s a very chic and modern bath accessory perfect for a not so feminine setting. We didn't find any, so sad. I guess my cousin would have to save for enough e-money and later on, perhaps order online.  

By the toothbrush holder also comes with a soap dish and dispenser, tissue holder, and bathroom clock. Yes they’re a complete set of lovely bathroom accessories. 


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