It starts with a Yes

The thing with blogging, I guess I just said no to blogging for the last two years. It's not that I literally stopped writing for ironically I still am, in fact I got so used to it and yes, overdosed that I ended up sick. I like it when I'm told to write articles, it's when I feel satisfied and productive but not to the point that I have to write like 60 articles in two weeks, (with 3-5 days extension!) Who wouldn't gone loko??? So apparently my blogs suffered.

Then this morning, just this morning, perhaps waking up in the wrong side of the bed, I finally had this change of mind and heart. I miss my blogs. I miss writing from the heart. I miss blabbing and ranting, and writing things that I'm the only one who understands. I miss talking to myself.. Dang I miss it when all I do is just type words without being pressured with ke__w_rd_!!!!

If it starts with a yes, well then YES! This thing here, it should not be just existing, it has to be ALIVE.. Yes, again!


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