Puzzle Tag..

This puzzle was given by majo. I thought it's not that hard, but when I was answering it na....hayyyy it's frustrating and mka nosebleed! After 48 years, I've finally found it all. YEHEY! I've also shared this with some of my friends, they've also experiened the same agony as I did..hehehe!

Now, I want to pass this puzzle tag to ate Shel,te Lot,uncle Mike and to you who wants to try it also.
Please post your 39 answers in your blog and if you've got it all right... I have an Excellence Award for you! hehehe..
here it goes:

"Find the hidden 39 books of the Bible"

What we have here is a chronic lesson stir your imagination. Consider this as your daily dose of cerebral gene's isometric exercise,which we all desperately need. This puzzle will mimic a huge equipment in your gym that pumps your muscles.
To tell you the truth this is no easy job to tackle. Your objective is to locate the thirty nine books of the Bible encrypted on this page. The question is: Can you uncover the secret?
Do not wary from answering and never prejudge such thinking session. Granted that you can get it in a jam, especially when your patience wears out and your eyes advance to tears. Remember quitters outnumber such persevering ones. Are you one of the minority?
A man named Ezekiel Tanju declined to take the challenge. But Joshua Samuels persisted even if it took him 3 weeks to find it all. So, just do it!
It is normal to be lukewarm initially,so isolate the easy ones first,then there goes the rest. Endeavor to aim at the weird phrases and make sure that you mark the ones you find to expel any confusion.
A word of caution: Frustration can set in and affect your sanity, thus we encourage you to cope tersely. I recall one sister started pulling her hair looking like a hag gaining little respect, also a brother went thru his frantic antic lest be commited to a mental institution. Alas, one man who wore a fez racked his brains out.
So, if you find yourself in the dumps, alms are permitted, that is-beg for help, I am sure that many spectators are ever so willing to give a most helping hand.
True, that a few suffered many lamentations, but on the other hand, the fact shows that as many thought it was stimulating. Those are the ones with a good disposition. Nonetheless, a good pal named Daniel Brown, a humble brother said he needs something to relax with, so he brews coffee beforehand. But for Isaiah Alphi, lemonade is what he prefers.
So, go for it like a real pro. Verbs and nouns are aplenty thus it appears quite normal, a child can even try. Do not despair if initially you don't get it. Use your keen eyesight and you will delight. So lay low and kick back, go with the motions and you will eventually see the revelations.
John-Jon, A hesitant participant at first, finally found it all. He later played his banjo, elated with his success!

Go! start na.... hehe, ENJOY!